A few testimonies:
 “God is LIGHT - and in Him there is
 at all."
1 John 1:5 
 These words, spoken by John, remind us that when we invite Him, Jesus comes into the dark places that we all have in our lives, and brings His freeing and healing Light and Peace.  As you read about these very different kinds of darkness, know that whatever dark places you have in your life - can today - be opened to the Light, Jesus....and they will lose their power.
Jesus said, “I am the Light that has come into the world so that all who believe in me
won’t have to stay any longer in the dark.”
John 12:46 Message
Recently when people casually say, “How are you?” my response has been “Great! I’m really doing great.” I’ve realized that it’s the joy of the Lord filling me--consistently--not one day am I just okay and the next day, fine.
Since I’ve seen you the last couple months, the Lord has been breaking down barriers in my life that Satan started building probably sixty years ago. He had me believing so many lies that I had no idea what the truth really was. When I started believing him so early on, I suppose it became second nature to continue thinking that way from then on.
Even after becoming a believer, I knew so much about God and understood salvation, but those huge barriers kept me from fully knowing the enormous, unlimited love and acceptance the Lord has for me personally.  Until He freed me from my unresolved issues, I couldn’t even understand His greatness and in turn, the riches He’s bestowed on ME! Yes, even ME!
I’m so grateful to Living Hope for being a vessel in God’s hands. Through your ministry, He has shown me amazing truths and set me free from the bondages in my life.
People have asked me why I travelled so far, (1 ½ hours) and sometimes I asked myself that as I was driving all that distance, but I must say that even though there are lots of other resources closer to home, I’ve never been ministered to in the way God uses you through your prayers and looking to Him to direct our time. His voice is clear as you walk me through the Scriptures and hone in on just what I’ve needed. 
I am thankful that Living Hope is being faithful to God’s call. I can’t say enough to adequately express my gratitude for the new freedom and joy the Lord has brought to me even though I'm still going through some difficult circumstances. May God richly bless you in every way.  FC

I grew up in a cult, and I was used as a "breeder" - I "made babies."  Some of them were taken prematurely,  not born alive, and used for ungodly purposes.  Some of them were sold.  Those of you who have children, try to imagine how you would feel in my place - even though you can't really identify.  My heart was shattered each time and I lived suffocated  with guilt because my perpetrators told me that I deserved everything that was done to me, and that whatever happened to the babies was my fault.   I tried to push all those memories far back, but they kept stabbing my heart like a knife. I thought there could never be freedom from the guilt and pain.  But in prayer with those from LH,  Jesus, the Truth, disarmed the lie that it was all my fault, and He washed away all the guilt and shame.  Then, He, the God of all Comfort, did the impossible - He took the unbearable pain away, and continues to sit with me as I grieve through these places.  He has given me pictures, in my spirit, of my babies in His arms - which they are!  And I look forward to the day I will meet them in heaven.  M.W.
The story about my baby is different.  I chose to end the life of my baby by abortion.  It just wasn't the "right time" and I told myself that what I was destroying was just "products of conception."  Soon, though, the reailty of what I done hit me and the guilt and pain became an unbearable, though unseen, burden on my heart.  Not one day passed without its weight.  I was sure Jesus could never forgive me, but in desperation, I told my secret to a LH counselor and in prayer, Jesus told me that He had carried the weight of all my sin and He spoke His forgiveness deep into my spirit.  Then healing could begin.  I know my baby is with Him and that someday, I will meet her.  Only Jesus could do that, and I am so thankful that He did.  L.M.